Maiden Brooklyn is a design and build construction firm with its workshop based in Red Hook.

It was founded in 2005 by Radek Szczesny, originally as a storefront collective showcase for DIY design, fashion, and art.  It has evolved to a custom millwork and creative fabrication shop that specializes in the unique blend of sustainability, style, and function.

Maiden places its clients and their ideas at the center of its practice, and prefers to think of the whole process of design as an on-going conversation, between the space, materials and techniques.  Whether applied to furniture, interior, or outdoor design, this translates to a handcrafted style that often spotlights salvaged or reused/reimagined materials, traditional techniques and finishes, and exceptional quality.

From start to finish, Maiden aims to provide outstanding customer service, including design and project management, which attests to its growing base of returning clients and word of mouth recommendations.
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